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With Bolivarcoin fees are much lower than banks or credit cards; often even there is no fee – you don’t get charged a lot to use your own money and you can send micro-payments anywhere in the world. While fast relative to bank transfers, Bitcoin and most other digital currencies take a significant amount of time to confirm transactions on their network. In the case of Bitcoin, it takes an average of 10 minutes to confirm a transaction and many merchants require 5-6 confirmations before considering the transaction complete. While this 50-60 minute transaction time may be acceptable for making payments online (where goods may not be shipped for hours), this makes nearly all digital currencies impractical for things like face-to-face or in-store purchases and could limit their potential. The developers of Bolivarcoin created a unique, decentralized technology called InstantX that guarantees and confirms payments in around tree minutes. That’s right—you can send money to any place in the world in only a few minutes! Until now, you were totally dependent on banks to transfer your funds. They have the power to block your account, devalue, or even confiscate your money. Now you have a choice – with Bolivarcoin all your funds are controlled by your personal wallet and all money transfers are controlled and verified by a distributed network. The decentralized network of users worldwide gets rid of the need for intermediaries and their fees. Non-fungible token trading is also becoming popular on blockchain technology. NFT trading is turning out to be profitable for many traders and they are helping many artists to make money from their work. When looking for where to buy NFTs, make sure that you choose a reliable site. Bolivarcoin is your own personal digital cash protected using advanced cryptography. Transactions are processed not by a bank, but by the distributed power of thousands of independent computers all over the world. Bolivarcoin operates on a secure, decentralized network and its fundamental advantage is the two-tier architecture of its network. Bolivarcoin’s source code is open and available to be viewed and vetted by anyone. This guarantees the independence, safety, and security of the system. The Bolivarcoin network utilizes its two-tier structure and advanced encryption to maintain full security of users’ funds. Bolivarcoin’s future looks promising and the Bolivarcoin network provides many features which are very useful for people around the world. Being an early adopter gives rise to the possibility that your Bolivarcoin holdings could grow in value over time. There is, of course, always a risk of price fluctuations, but Bolivarcoin has proven to be very stable when compared to other crypto-currencies.